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Dancefloration - тексты

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01. Heartcore

Do what you want
Do what you feel
Do everything for dreams to be real

Close your eyes
Can you hear the sounds inside?
Hear it now
Forced engine of your life

Keep the breath and synchronize
Resist the rush of life
New age need new modern meat
To fight and to defy

Feel my heartbeat - Knock knock knock
All my life - my perfect drug
Rising fire in my soul
All my life - my Heartcore

Trust your heart
Your only way is to be right
Tune this vibe
To win the battle - start the fight!

Transform all that you have
To a weapon for survival
No fate but what we make
Not every fall is final

02. Summertime

It’s time to go
It’s time to shake
The ocean shore
From the heart of winter
Rise in the air
Canned zombies
In southbound plane

Naked chicks
Pregnant men
The face of invasion
In the southern land
“All inclusive” days
And sleepless nights
Here we come
For Summertime

Big blue sky - Summertime
Sunshine rain is falling down
Golden sand - open car
Breathe the moment - Summertime

Give up you work
Put your troubles aside
Switch off the net,
TV and mobile
Spend all your money
In duty free
And let your soul fly
Above the sea

Forget about laws
Forget about rules
Someone swimming face down
In the hotel pool
This song is so pretty
But it’s so hard to find
Necessary words
About summertime

03. Dreamcity

Don’t wake me up
When I’m walking down on Brooklyn streets
Don’t wake me up
Central Park – I’m listen here the voices of leaves
Don’t wake me up
When I see the light of towers that scratch the sky
Don’t wake me up
I don’t want to say «Goodbye NY»

The only dream of my life
One day to see NY

My City of Light
My City of Life
I wanna feel your cold breath on my face
My City of Light
My City of Life
So easy to fall under the spell of this place
Don’t hide away
Don’t hide away
When the morning wakes me
Don’t hide away
I wanna stay here

Don’t wake me up
When I’m lost myself in your mirror walls
Don’t wake me up
I can’t find myself in the deep of your malls
Don’t wake me up
When I smell your roads after the rain
Don’t wake me up
I hate the morning that brings me the pain

The only dream of my life
One day to see NY

04. Dance Row

Party starts
Party hard
Boom till deaf
Boom till dumb
Sweat on skin
Sweat on the wall
I know what I need
I’m hit the floor!!!

Wind it up!
Lift me up!
Push the beat
Make me hot
Hard to the core
I need more!
One way ticket
To Dance Row

Hey mister DJ
Don’t fuck me up
Don’t play for yourself
Play for the floor
Hey mister DJ
Don’t fuck me up
Don’t play for yourself
Play for the floor
I don’t wanna freeze
I don’t wanna stop
Hey mister DJ
Don’t fuck me up
Don’t play for yourself
Play for the floor

Start the dance
Watch my hands
Add more dB
To pluck my pants
Make me strong
Make me fine
Make my soul
Is rising high

Shake my ass
Blow my brain
Make it cool
And we'll be back again!
Don’t make a mistake
Don’t play this fake
Let’s give us all
That we can take!

05. Faceless

All that you love
In the name of modern possessions
How does it feel?
On the way to soul devastation

So hollow
So desolate
There’s no time to smell the flowers
The sign of today
There’s no time to call your mother

Faceless meat
Faceless world

Inside of me
Inside of you
There is no joy
There is no blue
There is no hate
There is no love
And we become
the faceless ones

All of your faith
In the name of new messiah
No reasons to try
To stay yourself and to be loyal

So hollow
So desolate
There is no time to heartache healing
Try to be deaf
When you hear someone screaming

Time to generate
Brand New World
Vomit sinsplotation
Sticky mind's control

06. I Seek You

I’m living here
Day by day
Green flower
In my tray

Type my number
My password
I am here
Hello, world!

Hello! How are you?
I’m fine! I’m working too!
Drink some tea? The lunch is great
What you think about this band?

I seek you! Oh my happiness
Without you my life is gray
I seek you! I need you so
I need you every fuckin’ day!
All that you keep
All my feelings and my dreams
All that I need
My green flower will never never fade away

Exit light
Enter night
I’m here again
Always in sight

Type my number
My password
I’m here again
Good evening, world!

Any news? Are you at home?
I'm still at work. I'm on the phone!
I’ve good idea! It’s hard to keep!
Please, not now! I want to sleep!

07. Cyber Girl

Hide yourself behind profile
In the place for friends there is new lifestyle
In the digital deep there is no trace
Another Cybergirl in the cyber space

Swim, baby, swim
What do you seek behind the screen?
In these illusions of life
In these illusions of feel

You are so disclosed
You are so nude
But no one knows the real you

Let’s dive ‘till the morning comes
Lonely lonely Cybergirl

Lonely Cyber Girl
Lonely Sexy Lady
Slide into the night
Dancing sugarbaby

Lonely Cyber Girl
Acid Black Glow
Always with someone
But forever alone

Hide your face behind make-up
Get on your latex dress and hit the club
You are so sexy with all your delight
You are synthetic Queen of synthetic night

Go, baby, go
Shake shake on the floor
Green light inside
Green light for all

You’re so unreal
From head to toe
But no one sees the real you

Let’s dance ‘till the morning comes
Lonely lonely Cybergirl

08. Black Hole Time

The Day before the yesterday
We were so young and brave
We believed in our future
We didn’t think about the grave

Yesterday we became soldiers
We are thin lines on the maps
Cheap way to solve big problems
Dice in the games of Gods

I’ll never see your eyes again
War is not a fairy tale
Sadness and sorrow are breaking me over
I've lost the meaning of life

And even the angels
Can’t bring you to me
Can’t bring you to life
My endless waiting
My endless hope
My black hole of time

Last sunrise we saw today
Like an iron wall, we stood in the enemy’s way

War is the production
And now we became waste
Nameless bodies were buried
In the godforsaken place

09. VHS

Total Recall! Let’s go back in time!
The last decade of betrayed Empire
Total Recall! Remember those days
Star Wars for the first time! It's total daze!

Together we watched Predator’s hunt
Together we followed Forrest Gump
Fighting for life on LV-426
We still respect you Corporal Hicks!

We killed Rebenga for Green Card
We found the Force on Dagoba
We fought against the OCP
And war-machines of series “T”

Generation VHS
Rewind the tapes
Replay the days
Generation VHS
The past is far behind
Forever blessed

And now the age of Full HD
We said goodbye to DVD
But Casey Ryback crushing enemies
Is still alive in the memories

We ran through the jungle. Yeah! We got it!
We loved the smell of napalm in the morning
We were afraid to sleep at night
As Freddie might come when we turned off the light

We tried to fly on Airplane
With Naked Gun in shaking hands
We’ve found the Ark! We’ve found the Grail!
We killed Nostromo’s Number Eight

10. Blood Fire Snow

Is living Hellfire
Burning blood against cold steel

No pain! No weakness!
You fight until your last breath
No fear! No mercy!
Your death is not the end

Days of your Destiny
No way to retreat
Your land is behind
Fight for your Motherland
This day of your last stand
Nothing will crush your Will

The crushing divisions
You know what you’re fighting for
You know what you’re dying for

The snow is turning red
Iron rain falls from the sky
Flame inside your heart -
Mother's voice and name of the Father

Through the flame
Through the storm
You will walk like a fearless one
You will stand where others fall

Не ведая страха
О смерти забыв
В мерзлую землю вгрызаясь
Насмерть стояли
Жизнь отдавая
Солдаты великой страны

За Матери честь
Во имя Отца
Стояли солдаты стеною
И залита кровью наша земля
За нашу с вами Свободу


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